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April 27, 2020
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Console Table - Every Foyer Needs One

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If you are like most homeowners, you pay a lot of attention to the dcor throughout your house. Your kitchen may have a country theme with roosters peeking out from all the china and wall accents. Perhaps your study has an old-world feel complete with antique maps and globes, leather accented furniture and a large mahogany desk for any studying. The bedrooms are a completely different world with your bedroom being a modern masterpiece while the kid's bedrooms take you from sailing the seas as a pirate to living in a castle as a princess. But, what about your foyer? What's its look? What's its story?

If you're like a lot of people, that question has you scratching your head. You never came up with a theme for the foyer. It was just a place where the front door was located, right? Wrong. Your foyer deserves much more than this.

The decoration of your foyer will likely center around one piece of furniture, the console table. A console or sofa table is a perfect piece of furniture for this space as it offers all the things you will need as you enter the house.

On the top of the table is a flat surface, this is a perfect place to set your keys, the mail, or a lamp that will light the hallway ahead, so you can safely make you way into the rest of the house.

Next are the drawers. These are a perfect space to put things you need to have nearby, but don't necessarily want cluttering up the top of the table. From extra keys to the garage, house and other cars to gloves and flashlights, you can tuck these things away in the top drawer of a console table and know where they are without having to see them piled up on the table top.

Underneath the drawers, many a console table has shelves. These are the perfect place for a few things. First, if you live in a climate where there are often rain shoes or snow shoes being worn, this is a great place to tuck them away once you have come inside. This is also a smart place to leave the kids backpacks, to make sure they remember to take them with them in the morning.

Thankfully, console table variety include a number of styles and colors and can be as fashionable as you would like, offering an impressive first impression to those coming in your home.

From Victorian to modern, country to Egyptian, there is a console or sofa table to set any theme or dcor style. Often it is best to let this area set the tone for the main feel of your home. It can serve as an appetizer to the entre of the rest of your home. This is especially the case if the foyer will be their walkway into the main living and entertaining area.

Functional and fashionable, the console table is one of the often overlooked, but most needed pieces of furniture welcoming people into your home.


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