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May 9, 2020
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Coolest Vans Designs

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As their slogan says, Vans trainers are definitely 'off the wall', with many of them coming in awesomely out-there, quirky designs and patterns.

Here's a quick look at my favourite five Vans designs.

1. The Vans Hi Leopard Black Rainbow shoe is definitely one of the design team's wackiest inventions. A rainbow canvas, ranging through the spectrum from yellow through to purple, embellished with big, bold, leopard print style spots, these show-shopping shoes are not for the faint-hearted!

2. Over at Vans, animal inspired shoes are all the range, hence the Brown True White Tiger Exclusive. A shaded yellow-and-orange canvas upper built onto the classic Vans sole and patterned with tiger-skin-inspired black stripes, this shoe is roaring with style.

3. Tie-dying is back in fashion, with loads of dresses flashing the look. And now, thanks to those weird and wonderful designers at Vans, you can have a tie-dyed pair of shoes. The Tie Dye Pink Purple shoe is a typical Vans trainer that's been artistically tie-dyed black, purple, and blue. The pattern's really set-off by the shoe's crisp white Vans laces, and is bang on trend for this summer.

4. At number four we have the Vans Lunar Rock Colour Feather shoe, and I have to admit, I really, really like this one. Compared to the other shoes we've looked at, this one's quite plain, with an almost-beige canvas and plain laces; it's the feather pattern that makes it interesting. They're an assortment of different styles of feathers, all varying in shades and colours: some are soft-looking, with light pinks and sky-blues, while others are bold and over-stated, with flecks of black, orange, brown, red, and green.

5. Now this is a cool shoe. It's a basic Vans Lo-Pro inspired design, with the classic Vans sole and trade-mark black laces, but the canvas is patterned like a Galaxy. It ranges in colour from murky blacks and indigos, to bright blues and popping pinks, and features an array of sparkling stars.

6. Okay, so I know I said five, but -BUTTERFLIES! Butterflies are literally the only insect I like - in fact, I love them, so these next shoes are right up my street! They're a slim and cute pump-style canvas trainer, candy-blue in colour, and adorned with gorgeously coloured lemon, orange, blue, pink and acid-green butterflies. These aren't as cool as the rest, but they're quirky and cute!


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