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June 29, 2020
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Dressing Up Your Favourite Jeans

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Sometimes all you want to wear when going out is your favourite pair of jeans, but what if they're a little bit too casual to wear with certain other types of clothes? Well, there are plenty of great ways to dress up jeans that will mean you can head out in comfort without scrimping on the style.

First of all, you want to make sure you don't wear your jeans casually - rolled up bottoms generally form a casual look so your jeans should be rolled out to their full length. You'll also find it easier to get away with wearing darker jeans as they are considered dressier than lighter shades.

For women, wearing a normal belt through the belt loops on jeans is also a casual look and something you shouldn't do when attempting to dress up. Instead, wear a dressy shirt that fits in with the tone of the event you are going to and, if you want to wear a belt, you can add a fancier waist belt instead of a hip belt to give yourself a more fashionable look. Team particular colours to go with your jeans - for darker jeans, dark colours go well if you need to have a dressed up look: maroon, dark green, navy blue and black are all good selections that will complement your jeans and help make them look classy.

Naturally, if you were wearing a dress to an event, you wouldn't team it up with trainers. Similarly, even if you're wearing jeans, you shouldn't wear casual shoes. Switch your trainers for dress shoes such as heels or boots to give yourself a dressier look. The only part of you that should look remotely casual is the jeans themselves, and even those will be dressed up by the rest of your outfit.

Add jewellery and accessories: earrings, bangles, a nice watch, a necklace and so on to complete the outfit and you'll be set to go wearing your dressed up - but comfortable - jeans. Of course, if you do your hair and make up in a way that is suitable for the event you are attending, this will also help ensure your jeans look just as classy as the rest of you. And if you're a man, you can just wear a nice shirt and tie teamed with black jeans and dress shoes to dress up your jeans, allowing you to head to many events and functions in style and comfort.


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