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March 15, 2020
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4 Main Categories of Human Touch Massage Chairs

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Human Touch massage chairs are right up at the top of the list in the massage chair world. They are a perfect example of what any other massage chair can aspire to be. It goes without saying that an actual human touch makes the best massage, but since Human Touch comes so close, the company picked an appropriate name. The technology and engineering that goes into their products is mighty close to replicating what a real human touch gives. Kudos to them. What I find fascinating is how people turn to modern technology for relief from muscle tension and other stresses that we all experience a a result of today's fast paced world. Technology that helps balance out the stresses caused by other technologies. Human Touch massage chairs come in different shapes and sizes, and each has its own unique contribution to make. There are four main categories of their massage chairs that I want to tell you about briefly.

First, the Casual line is lovingly referred to as the iJoy massage chair line. These chairs are cool and fashionable. They have a chic look to them and are perfect for any modern apartment, house, or office. Getting a chair to duplicate the feel of a massage takes a lot of technology and Human Touch puts many patented technologies into their massage chairs. The iJoy is packed with them.

The second category of Human Touch massage chairs is the Signature series. These are known for their sturdy and reliable construction and classic good looks. High grade leathers and beautiful hardwood accents make these pleasing to look at as well as comfortable to use. These chairs also have the ability for the user to customize their massage experience as well as using a variety of preprogrammed massage cycles. The Signature series also has a built in calf and foot massager. I can tell you from personal experience that this feature alone makes this chair worth every penny. I love the way this feature enhances the massage experience.

The third category of chairs is the Healthy Furniture line consisting of their Perfect Chairs. These come in a variety of top quality materials like micro suede and soft premium leather. Rather than actual massage chairs, these are primarily zero-gravity chairs that are designed to position the body in a neutral position to help counteract gravity's negative effects. The antigravity chair concept is one that has been around for a while, originally developed by NASA, but Human Touch excels at making theirs fashionable as well as comfortable.

Finally, the fourth category of Human Touch massage chair is the Elite line. These are the HT-1650 and the HT-7450 chairs. Both of these have Human Touch's patented technologies built in that include preprogrammed massage routines and customization options. They also give the user the option of having heat applied to their back.

Technology isn't a fix all, but when it comes to Human Touch massage chairs it comes pretty close. The way tensioners, rollers, kneaders, and massagers come to bear on our bodies is surprisingly similar to what an actual massage therapist would do. Light a few candles, set some nice meditative music on in the background, settle into your massage chair and enjoy the relaxation and stress relief that savvy massage aficionados have come to expect from Human Touch massage chairs.


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