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June 25, 2020
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Dog Collars, Harnesses and Leashes

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Dog collars are great for attaching your dogs tags to and for attaching a leash and walking your dog. There are a great variety of dog collars on the market. With all of the choices, you can find the right one for your pet.

An innovative kind of dog collar is a type that seems like a muzzle, but isn't a muzzle. It lets your dog open his mouth to do anything he normally does with his mouth open; this collar doesn't engage your dogs pulling instinct like a regular collar does. It lets you guide his head and there isn't any pressure on the throat, but on the back of the neck.
Along this line of collars - you can get collars, leashes, and harnesses specially made to reduce any injuries that the traditional ones cause.

Dog collars made with hemp and fleece lined are strong collars that can take getting wet in the rain or by swimming in salt water. LED lights that can be attached to your dog's collar or wrapped around your dog's neck by their own band are practical for walking him at night and add a bit of safety.

Collars small enough for the smallest tiny dog necks are available too. These cute little collars are made in different styles such as scrunches, denim, jelly, plaid, canvas, and slide collars. They come in glitter, nylon, and velvet. There are leashes for little dogs that glow and flexible leashes.

There are reflective dog harnesses and harnesses with covers that are washable. These are fashionable harnesses and they are made in different cloth designs. Some other types of dog harnesses are: pit bull, designer, sled, cute, small, and leather. There is a myriad of harnesses in each category - so choices are galore.

Harnesses for Pit Bulls come in nylon and leather with spikes. They also come studded and padded. Designer dog harnesses come in many styles and you can get them personalized with your dog's name on the harness. They are made from suede, leather, fabric, oilcloth, and other materials.

Reflective dog leashes are excellent for walking your dog at night. Dog leashes come in long and short lengths. They are made with different materials like: leather, nylon, and cotton. Some are hands free and some absorb shock. Nylon leashes with designs like stripes, plaids, nautical, polka dots, cowboys, bones, hearts and many other decorative effects are available.

Retractable dog leashes are in vogue. Retractable leashes for tiny dogs are available that have a length of ten feet and retractable leashes that comes with bags for poop scooping are on the market. There are flexible leashes with lights. They also come in lengths of sixteen feet, and twenty-six feet. They come with comfortable grips and bags to put the leashes in.

There is a huge market for dog collars, leashes, and harnesses and it is filled with a bunch of choices for dog owners to take advantage of so you an get the right ones for your pet.


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