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October 22, 2020
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How To Choose The Proper Boot Lengths For Any Occasion

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Boots come in every shape and size. People wear boots any time of the year, no matter how hot or cold it is. Boots are worn for dress up events and for athletic ventures like rodeos or hiking. The makers of modern shoes spend much time developing different styles and concocting different colors in order to entice people to buy their boots. Western boots are made in a more traditional style, with care and attention to detail. Boots can be down-to-earth or elegant. You can find boots in various heights that are appropriate for many people's form and their fashion sense.

The lowest boot length is the ankle boots. They have been, and continue to be, very fashionable. You can find ankle boots in flats or with any height of heels. Some of them are designed more for practical purposes, with a flat heel and a more rounded toe. Other ankle boots are made to be stunning designer accents with spike heels and shiny ornamentation. Still other ankle boots are middle-of-the-road, with short, tapered heels and sophisticated uppers. These look fabulous worn with pants, as they give the illusion that you are wearing a taller boot while giving your leg a slim appearance. You can also wear ankle boots with short skirts or dresses. The only thing to question is whether you have the body type and the confidence to pull it off.

The largest selling mid-calf boots are Western boots. They can be worn best with skirts that come below the knee, although they have been worn with just about any attire. They can be worn with pants or jeans. You can either wear the pants on the inside or the outside of the boots. Other mid-calf boots include sleek, black boots that go with more formal attire. They are good to wear to an office job. With a bit of a heel, the mid-calf boot goes well with any mid-length skirt you might want to wear to work.

Knee boots have always been some of the sexiest boots around. People with long legs seem made for knee boots. The boots emphasize their body shape and make them seem even taller than they are. If you have short legs and can get by with wearing short dresses, you are in luck. This combination will make your short legs seem longer. Knee boots can make women's legs look more slender, whether the woman has short legs or long ones. If you wear knee boots, be sure you are getting all the bang for your buck. Wear them where they will be noticed. You can wear them with short skirts, with jeans tucked in, or with a skirt that has a slit to show them off.

Above the knee boots are meant for one thing: play. You can go to parties, out on the town, or on a date. You would not want to wear above the knee boots for any occasion that has any seriousness to it. If you want to be conservative, it is not a time to wear above the knee boots. Also, do not try to wear above the knee boots unless you are tall enough to pull it off. Choosing the right boot length for yourself is important if you want to make the right impression.


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