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October 30, 2020
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How To Decide On The Perfect Bathing Suit For The Summer Months

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Some women go through one excruciating process as summer approaches or at the onset of the season seeking out that perfect swimwear.

Fashion magazines may even complicate rather than alleviate the process by featuring women with amazing body shapes, who would still look great, even in a wetsuit. Although you may still have to try on all manner of swimwear to find the perfect one, you may follow this general rule to shorten your stay inside tiny changing rooms: Hide your flaws and show off your assets. If you succeed in doing this, get ready to turn some heads at the beach.

Wide shoulders - Avoid tube tops as this will only emphasize your wide shoulders. Instead go for a swimsuit that has thick straps, wider necklines and are of darker shades. You can also wear a bottom which has a louder color and pattern to draw attention to that area.

Large tummy - Go for a one-piece rather than a bikini to conceal the stomach area. If you still prefer a two-piece, tankinis are your best bet. They're able to cover the unflattering belly and when worn in dark colors even have a slimming effect. High cut legs also achieve the same effect by giving the impression of a longer body. Also go for concealing elements such as a sarong which can be draped around the waist.

Hourglass - You are lucky. Really, you're the envy of most women. You can wear almost any swimsuit you like and it will look good on you. Bold prints, however, put emphasis on your curves so you should do well by going for these. After all, you always have to flaunt what you have.

Tiny waist - You have to create the appearance of having a curve, so go for bikinis rather than a one-piece. Also opt for a hipster bottom as this will be able to show more of your hips. Provide emphasis to the hip area by side ties, rings and ruffles. Avoid stripes but go for strong, dark colors. Black is a favorite during summer but you may go wacky and choose dark purple or red swimsuits.

Skinny - Horizontal stripes can give you a fuller body shape. Also go for bright (yet light) colors.


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